10 August 2013

SWVG: It Begins

Quick IRL Update: loving the new job.

Steel Wrist, Velvet Glove kicked off last night. I got together with some friends of mine, we made some awesome gazpacho, and then spent about 2 hours creating characters for Flashing Blades. There was plenty of goofing off in the midst of that but it is a slow process, especially if the players aren't already up to speed on 17th century Paris, swashbuckling tropes, and related stuff.

We ended up with Ukranian giant (or giantess...no one's sure yet), a small and stocky rogue from the Netherlands, and a German Knight of Malta. No one wanted to be French nor did anyone want to start with a profession.

We're going to get together again, hopefully in a couple of weeks, to actually play. I have lots of threads I can work on in the meantime to give them lots of adventure opportunity.

We did have a good time and that, to my mind, is the important thing.

23 July 2013

Changes IRL

Leaving the job I've been at for the last few years today. It's been a good run and I wish the company and all my former colleagues nothing but the best. Looking forward to starting the new job next week.

Not sure how much free time I'll have but will update the blog, especially with gaming and homeschooling stuff, as soon as I've got my sea legs under me in the new role.

Also, blew away the archives of the blog. A lot has changed since the early-to-mid-2000s when I was last blogging regularly. Time for a "fresh" start, more or less.

18 July 2013

Steel Wrist, Velvet Glove: A Flashing Blades Game

A few years back I discovered Flashing Blades, written in 1984 by Mark Pettigrew and still available in both print and PDF.

I quickly fell in love with the game and have been playing it, off and on, since then. I'm going to log campaign notes here until I get to the point where I want to build a wiki. For an example of what I hope to put together, have a look at Black Vulmea's Le Ballet de l'Acier over at Obsidian Portal. He also blogs at Really Bad Eggs which has several excellent series on how to set up and run a solid Flashing Blades game..

17 July 2013

Updated title and header. Not talking about Catholic stuff as much as I used to. More focused on my Flashing Blades game, how all my gaming fits in with being a Classical (Latin-centered) homeschooler, and my musical interests.

I make no reps or warrants that I won't blog about other stuff, too. :D